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AIO - Powering Financial Decision-Making


Commercial Lending
Capture. Validate. Finance. AIO Powering Financial Decision-Making
Commercial Lending
Capture. Validate. Finance. AIO Powering Financial Decision-Making

Lenders trust AIO’s intelligent platform to capture and auto-verify documents from new and existing borrowers. As a result, lenders can instantly surface missing, expiring, or problematic documents, allowing them to underwrite and review loans faster with fewer costs.

In 2020, 33% of commercial lending requests were submitted to online lenders. The average time for loan approval is 26 days for physical banks, whereas emerging online lenders are supplying funds in as little as 1 to 7 business days. This is because many community banks and credit unions are overwhelmed by workload of incoming loan applications that require slow, manual data collection processes and hybrid online/offline loan request processes.  Printed/emailed checklists for customers and physical submission at the branch 

  • AIO's easy-to-use digital platform simplifies the loan application and monitoring process to compete with large banks and non-bank lenders.

  • AIO's intelligent All-in-One platform reduces manual efforts spent on collecting, reading, and verifying initial and ongoing documents.

Digital Customer Portal

AIO's All-in-One platform provides borrowers and lenders with a central easy-to-use portal for documents, online forms, and signatures, rather than dealing with paper, emails, and documents scattered in disparate locations.

Auto Validation of Documents

AIO's Artificial Intelligence automatically verifies documents, alerting borrowers and lenders of wrong, missing, or expiring documents instantly, rather than days or weeks later into the process.

Speed to Market

AIO's platform allows banks and credit unions to approve, review and monitor more loans faster with the same team. In addition, AIO can be set up within weeks, not months.

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How it works

AIO's platform extracts and understands data, validates it against public and private sources, and generate an accurate 360˚ profile of commercial clients in minutes to speed up decision-making and improve retention.


Banks use AIO to peruse existing records and public data to build a 360˚client identity and send smart, actionable checklists to request any missing information or documentation.


The platform synthesizes client-submitted data against public records to validate the integrity of the information, surfacing insights related to risks and compliance.


Once borrowers are approved, lenders use AIO to generate letters of intent based on pre-defined parameters and terms and send it via the platform for e-Signatures linked with identity verification.


Lenders trust AIO to keep clients finance-ready by providing continuous financial monitoring and alerting them to changes that could signal new risks or additional opportunities.
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