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Antuar inBranch Assisted Self-Service Kiosk


Consumer Banking
Customer Service
Customer facing, hardware agnostic, assisted self-service product
Consumer Banking
Customer Service
Customer facing, hardware agnostic, assisted self-service product

The inBranch Assisted Self Service Kiosk application allows customers to drive staff to interact in real time with the kiosk via a browser-based tablet to approve transactions, as well as interact meaningfully with the customer information. The solution allows customers to have a richer transaction set to choose from with 90% of financial transactions available for automation, allowing branch staff to be repurposed for higher value interactions.

The branch has long been seen as an expensive channel for transactions due to high costs of transactional banking requirements, keeping staff busy, preventing more focus on higher value services. Nevertheless, onsite customers still demand transactional services, it is crucial for banks to offer a satisfying customer experience: no queue, simple transactions, with branch staff who are informed and available. 

“Teller in a kiosk” to automate more functionality

inBranch Kiosk allows up to 90% of transactions to be automated, compared to traditional ITM’s. The solution connects to the core system through the bank’s network, not the ATM rails network, meaning that the solution is closer to a teller application and not limited to the transactions sets available on the ATM rails. This allows tellers to focus on more meaningful interactions with customers.

Improve cost-to-income ratio, maximize self-service

Closing branches to reduce costs causes negative publicity as well as decreasing market share in the region where closures take place. This application allows customers to drive automated transactions only requiring staff input where authorization is required, or when there is an issue that requires intervention. This provides branch staff the opportunity to engage proactively and knowledgably with the customer, leading to better relationships and increased sales (27% increase in 6 months was found in a case study)​.

Optimize footprint while reducing queues

inBranch Kiosk allows banks to reduce their branch footprint, providing a better customer experience where they aren’t required to queue to see a physical teller, this allows branch staff to interact and assist customers more meaningfully. The solution is also hardware agnostic allowing banks to separate hardware and software purchases, and maybe repurposing existing hardware.

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How it works

The application is integrated to Finastra's FusionFabric.cloud web service and application portal. This integration allows Finastra Essence and Equation core clients to easily roll out the inBranch Assisted Self-Service Kiosk solution in their branches.

Transactional banking driven by the customer

Deposit cash, check (coin is also optional), withdrawal, transfer, cash check, pay bills, cash exchange) are all available.

Staff can interact and approve transactions

If required and in real time, locally or remotely (with video).

Prevent fraud

With capture ID, picture of customers

Provide transactions for non-customers

Such as deposit to customer accounts (cash, check), cash on-us checks

Perform transactions on the bank network not ATM network

Such as deposit to customer accounts (cash, check), cash on-us checksThis allows to save ATM transaction charges
How it works

How it looks

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Kiosk menu 1

The application offers a wide range of features.