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CECL Express

GreenPoint Global

Consumer Banking
Calculate required capital for loan loss reserves under new GAAP framework called CECL


Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL): Turnkey compliance and optimal Allowance for Credit Loss (ACL)


CECL Express is turnkey, as-a-service solution that takes the complexity out of understanding and complying with the new CECL standard issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Furthermore, CECL Express helps you to counter the large increase that CECL is predicted to have on your capital requirements.

This sweeping new standard requires you to

·       Calculate expected loss in one of five methods. Failing to choose the best one is costly.

·       Understand the risks trade-offs and justify your choice to your auditors.

·        Source data underpinning loss projections from multiple new sources like FRED, FFIEC and others.


CECL Express is pre integrated to your Finastra core solution to seamlessly complete all allowable CECL calculation methods.  This helps you maximize your capital by letting you choose the most effective loss reserve strategy available and justify it to your auditors. It comes with a free CECL certification course, and 30 days free trial, with no obligation to buy.


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