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Click Life

Byte Blanket FZE

Social and Environmental
Hacking through COVID
Click Life is a innovative platform enabling crowd funding as a service specifically aimed at saving infant lives.
Social and Environmental
Hacking through COVID
Click Life is a innovative platform enabling crowd funding as a service specifically aimed at saving infant lives.


Click Life is our innovative platform enabling crowd funding as a service. This is specifically aimed at saving infant lives, facilitating direct funding to hospitals and surgeons performing lifesaving surgeries and addressing the growing cases of infant mortality. Our group’s dedication and contribution has saved 7 infant lives so far. Our aim is to raise awareness of this cause and provide an API-based solution which banks can offer as a community empowerment vehicle to their end users, through their digital banking apps. Though this idea was envisioned before Covid, innovative ways to increase awareness on donating to noble and lifesaving causes are critical now more than ever before.

## Inspiration
The idea developed from the intention of driving high focus on funding lifesaving surgeries of infants - newborns, neonates or 1 year old children - giving them a chance in life. The number of lives that can be saved is alarming, with a donation of just $1 per month. Every year 300,000 infants die in Africa, specifically due to maternity and neonatal complexities or lack of proper neonatal care. The adoption of Click Life API as a service that large banks can offer to its user base, has the potential to cause a massive life changing event. Millions of infant lives can be saved and donors will trust the service as it is being offered by a bank that will take care of the payment to the hospital. If such models are rolled out across the world, the impact would be simply phenomenal. This was the idea that led to the creation of Click Life.

## What it does
Click Life is an API that allows users to vote for a life-saving surgery. Every time a user clicks to vote, it authorizes the bank to deduct $1 from the customer’s account and donate it towards the life-saving surgery selected by the user. The maximum amount that can be donated per day is $1. This is done to ensure that a mission and thought process such as this, is embedded into as many people, thereby driving volume, rather than increasing the size of the donation.

## How we built it
Click Life was built by a senior research and development team in the Byte Blanket Digital (BBDIG) labs. It was built as an android and iOS mobile apps using REACT NATIVE technology with a design and structure that allows it to also be used as an API integration to any banking app as well as web-based banking application.

## Challenges we ran into
Displaying real-time votes collected for every infant was a challenge which we worked well to overcome.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of
We regard building a solution such as Click Life to be an accomplishment by itself. Integration to mass user base applications such as digital banking apps, packs power in the initiative as it drives both instant volume and increases trust in the bank. It also improves brand value as the end user views the bank as a platform for community empowerment, directed towards a noble cause. On its part, the bank empowers its users to experience the joy of giving.

## What we learned
We learned the integration and use of the payment API within the Fusion Fabric environment.

## What's next for Click Life
The app and API will be enhanced to enable filtering of cases by country, locality, votes remaining and certain other parameters. We look forward to being able to collaborate with Finastra to raise awareness of this product and make a tangible, positive impact on the lives of infants.

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