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Retail Payments
Compliance Screening
Transaction Screening & Monitoring with Real-Time AML Data
Retail Payments
Compliance Screening
Transaction Screening & Monitoring with Real-Time AML Data


ComplyAdvantage’s proprietary AML risk data powers a suite of anti-money laundering (AML) products. From customer screening and monitoring to transaction screening and monitoring, ComplyAdvantage helps financial institutions screen against real-time data to detect and mitigate AML risk.

  1. ComplyAdvantage AML Risk Data: With an advanced approach to data collection and refinement, ComplyAdvantage uses the latest technologies in machine learning and information retrieval to acquire information faster and more effectively than the industry standard.
  2. Sanctions & Watchlists: Screen and monitor against the latest sanctions and watchlist data. Coverage includes every global list, OFAC, UN, EU, HMT, MAS, DFAT, and thousands of governmental, regulatory, and law enforcement lists.
  3. Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) & Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs): Global coverage with over 5,000 structured PEP sources and enriched RCA coverage, including spouses, partners, and children. ComplyAdvantage offers a taxonomy aligned to global PEP regulations for flexible searching.
  4. Search & Matching: ComplyAdvantage combines entities that appear across lists into single profiles. Financial Institutions can customize their search and matching settings for specific use cases including data sets, transliteration, glued names, and more. Profile-based screening allows firms to apply simplified AML measures to lower-risk customers while subjecting higher-risk customers to an enhanced level of scrutiny.
  5. Customer Monitoring: ComplyAdvantage’s robust monitoring, update, and assurance processes leveraging machine learning technology to monitoring thousands of AML lists concurrently in real-time. The 24/7 automatic monitoring captures updates in the shortest time possible and alerts Financial Institutions when there is an AML risk update.
  6. Transaction Monitoring - Suspicious Activity: Utilize a comprehensive ruleset that monitors your organizational data based on suspicious activity patterns – stopping high-risk transactions as they occur, or monitoring retrospectively via batch upload.
  7. Configurable AML Rules: Leverage industry-specific rules and scenarios fit for your business with front-end control or work with our industry experts to set your own. Comply Advantage’s rules are soft-coded and easy-to-understand, so your team can easily fine-tune matching thresholds based on your risk appetite, without relying on slow technical teams. 
  8. Transaction Screening - Sanctions & Watchlists: Screen senders & beneficiaries against ComplyAdvantage’s real-time database of sanctions risk.
  9. Reference Text Screening: Effectively identify sanctions risk in all parts of the payment message including unregulated free reference text.
  10. ComplyAdvantage API: ComplyAdvantage is built API-first, offering seamless two-way integration via RESTful API.
  11. Information Security Standards: ComplyAdvantage is ISO 27001 certified.

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