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Cybernance Platform

Cybernance Corporation

Digital & Retail Banking
Automate the assessment, management, and improvement of cyber risk to comply with financial regulatory requirements
Digital & Retail Banking
Automate the assessment, management, and improvement of cyber risk to comply with financial regulatory requirements

The Cybernance Platform is a security governance solution that presents a structured way to mitigate cyber risk. By automating regulatory frameworks like FFIEC CAT, NIST CSF and CIS 20 it provides a shared view of risk and resilience with an efficient method for assessing, managing, and improving cyber risk, as well as complying with regulatory cybersecurity requirements.

Today, most Financial Institutions compile assessments manually in decentralized systems, which reduces visibility and transparency, increases cost and man hours to complete, and introduces potential errors / mistakes, thus jeopardizing ability to comply. 

Faster compliance with regulation by automating standards

The solution fully automates assessment and management of cyber risk and maturity based on the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) required by U.S. regulators .

Easily accessible

Cybernance platform uniquely enables remote auditing, verification, and certification by internal & external auditors and regulators, hence is accessible to all Finastra financial institution clients.

Seamless, rapid assessment

Displays Portfolio View across independent divisions and subsidiaries such as business units or portfolio companies.

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How it works

Cybernance Platform is a pre-packaged and self-contained SaaS application requiring no user installation. The Platform is deployed on Azure with high levels of redundancy and security. As no integration is required, the Platform can be used immediately, implementation is rapid since the platform was designed from the ground up to be intuitive to use. Available services from Cybernance include initial online orientation and quarterly Insight Sessions to help you plan improvement projects. The technology pre-requisites are simple - secure access to the Internet and to email.

Assess, measure and report

By fully automating assessment of national standards (FFIEC CAT, NIST CSF, CIS 20), the platform meets regulatory requirements and cuts assessment times by 50% or more.

Identify weak spots

Dashboard displays easily comprehended status of cyber risk and cyber resilience and supports non-technical discussion with board members and executives and maintains a prioritized list (in real time) of suggested actions that will most rapidly advance cyber resilience and decrease cyber risk.

Provide training and awareness

Guides stakeholders through evaluations of Inherent Risk and Cybersecurity Maturity, including embedded educational documents.

Encourage collaboration

Enables engagement of all internal and external relevant stakeholders by reassignment of questions and actions to individuals with best skills and allows associations to provide secure and private benchmarking across all member institutions.
How it works

How it looks

Main dashboard

Measures and monitors approximately 400 control points Show less


Assess, measure and report an organization’s cyber maturity across all these various functions. Show less


The portfolio risk reporting helps understand the current situation. Show less

Prioritized action items

Show leaders where the organization’s greatest deficiencies are and recommend courses of action. Show less

Workflow for managing ownership

Sharing, assigning, and collaborating on projects helps enhance the group dynamic. Show less
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Main dashboardMaturityRiskPrioritized action itemsWorkflow for managing ownership

Main dashboard

Measures and monitors approximately 400 control points


Cybernance Platform
Cybernance Platform