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Earned Wage Access Solution for Banks

PayKey (Decentralized Mobile Applications Ltd.)

Consumer Banking
Financial Wellness
Retail Payments
PayKey strengthens banks’ relationships with employees by offering on-demand access to earned wages, before payday.


PayKey’s Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution redefines the bank’s relationship with corporate employees by providing instant access to earned income before payday, enabling greater liquidity and financial resilience. The end-to-end white labelled solution for banks has no effect on employers’ balance sheets or payroll cycles, serving as a key employment benefit for employees of all industries.

The solution seamlessly integrates with all human capital management systems to enable full EWA flow, requiring minimal effort and no maintenance for the bank. The solution further contains a proprietary HR-based risk engine, augmenting the banks’ financial data with additional HR indicators to formulate comprehensive consumer profiles. This keeps the bank’s risk at a minimum while enabling high-intent loan and savings offers, personalized for the customers’ needs.

 With the PayKey EWA solution, banks can now

  • Offer a variety of services to new and existing customers alike, serving as a new valuable customer acquisition channel with high LTV growth opportunities.
  • With new data points provided by PayKey’s EWA solution, banks can better understand shifts in consumers’ lifetime events to proactively support changing financial needs. For example, the bank can trigger a new joint account promotion when HCM system data anonymously indicates new marital status, or a new savings plan when a child is born, among other possibilities.
  • Banks gain a new embedded channel to serve customers' financial needs in the flow of their daily lives, and no longer wait passively for customers to approach. 

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