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Enter Bubble Technology

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Hacking through COVID
Embrace technology-enabled change
The World, Now in your hands!!
Hacking through COVID
Embrace technology-enabled change
The World, Now in your hands!!


The world, Now in your hands! This is the vision and purpose of Enter Bubble Technology (EBT). EBT is our flagship innovation where we have rolled out an entire technology based on principles of micro social networking, digital introduction, auto information and smart contracts. Integrating the EBT API with any app or application within the BFSI sector, empowers the app to transform into an accurate social magnet that provides a platform for accurate connections to leads, prospects and customers with a banking institution. EBT creates instant and meaningful connections in transient environments in all walks of an end user’s life, such as education, healthcare, travel, office, home, entertainment and vacations, to name a few, always allowing the bank to follow the customer journey accurately. It is exactly what the world of banking is transforming into and is completely disruptive in its accuracy of engagement, exactly in the point of action, thereby serving as a robust bridge between the virtual and the real world.

## Inspiration
The potential of developing a technology that can create instant, accurate connections between two parties, using a combination of the intelligence already available in multiple technologies in the world, is what inspired us to create EBT.

## What it does
EBT uses the concept of micro networking to create instant digital zones in places that are commonly visited by a person and allows corporates such as banks to instantly engage in that space, thereby actually creating, what we call, a window to infinity!

## How we built it
It was built by a senior research and development team in the Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT) lab. EBT was built as an android and iOS mobile apps using REACT NATIVE technology with a design and structure that allows it to also be used as an API integration to any banking app as well as web-based banking application.

## Challenges we ran into
Adapting a framework in which we were able to provide instant and accurate engagement and lead registrations into a banking environment from a prospect, without needing any private information such as name, email or telephone number of the prospect, is a challenge that we were excited to solve.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of
With the launch of the EBT prototype, its potential was presented to nearly 60 global brands including Microsoft, Finastra, Varo, Grasshopper Bank, Digital India, Expo 2020, TAJ Group of Hotels and several other prestigious institutions and every single one of them has appreciated our invention. Impressed by what they saw, Google‘s digital marketing team expressed their written appreciation of EBT and rated us as one of the top 10 high potential startups in the field of digital transformation.

## What we learned
We uncovered several learning areas during the build of EBT such as designing engagement models within public places, events, airports, travel, education, corporate and home environments. In the prototype that we built for the Finastra hackathon, we provided a use case for accurate lead generation into any bank’s CRM system via Fusion Fabric. This was achieved by providing the bank with a platform to create a secure digital contract / relationship for instant real-time product notifications such as cash back offers when a person is within an entertainment or a retail purchase space. We are confident that EBT will be the future of smart micro networking.

## What's next for Enter Bubble Technologies (EBT)
In early 2021, we will be running prototypes with EBT based solutions, and the EBT API integrated with channel banking mobile apps of a few challenger banks and large retail banks. We will be showcasing the power of instant, real-time engagement from the banks by providing accurate, prospect data from the point of engagement directly into the CRM function of a bank. This opens limitless possibilities of how the bank of tomorrow can engage with the public in a true sense of empowerment. With EBT, we can disrupt at will and provide a new service model that we have invented, called ‘Empowerment as a Service’.

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