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Finbot for Consumer Banking

Floatbot, Inc

Consumer Banking
Retail Payments
Finbot is Conversational AI Chatbot and Voicebot for Omni-Channel Consumer Banking


Finbot is a conversational AI chatbot and voicebot for Consumer banking, powered by Floatbot.ai. Floatbot.ai is a SaaS-based conversational AI platform that helps banks and fintechs to automate customer supportincrease customer experience and digital sales. Its DIY “No Code” platform makes it possible to build hybrid bots using advance workflow-builder and conversational AI tools.

  • Pre-built dialogues, pre-trained AI knowledgebase, and pre-certified integration with Finastra Fusion Digital Channels (v 5.7 or above), Fusion Essence, (v2020.5 or above), Fusion Equation (4.3.7 or above)
  • Features include Accounts and Balance, Account Statement, Exchange Rate, List high value transactions
  • Supports B2C Login authentication and PSD2 compliant consent for Finastra Fusion Digital Channels
  • Supports B2B Login authentication for 3rd party Digital Channel scenario
  • Enable omni-channel retail banking. Supports WhatsApp, Web app, iOS, Android with Chatbot and Voice commands
  • Innovative UX of Chatbot and customisable business rules and knowledgebase

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Fusion Equation
Fusion Essence
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