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Karlo Inting, Lorenzo Pracullos, Tristan Tuico, Katelyn Calma, Christelle Gamat, and Justin Besmano

Hacking through COVID
Enables the common Filipino to acquire fast loans, with minimum requirements, no collateral needed, and security.


With the spread of COVID-19 in the Philippines, the country’s economy was greatly impacted and n Filipino’s lost their jobs. With the loss of income, buying basic necessities, affording education for children, etc. became a hardship.

As Filipinos, we wanted to help our countrymen by giving them access to quick loans the digital way without the hassle and risk of going outside and applying in person at banks. We also wanted to prioritize the granting of loans to members of the labor force who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Also, as we experience an economic downturn, we wanted to create and app that would help boost the economy through creating a pool of investments (to be further discussed in What the app does).

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