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Finovera Bill Manager


Consumer Banking
Financial Wellness
Mobile Payments
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Digital bill management and payment platform


Finovera is a digital bill management and payment solution that redefines how digital application users receive, manage, and pay their bills online by bringing simplicity, efficiency, and convenience to members. For financial institutions, this means higher engagement and increased revenue.

The Finovera platform delivers eBills including PDF statements from more than 14,000 billers, enables digital users to pay their bills using credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts, monitors unusual charges and can recommend other products — including loans and credit cards — based on the financial intuition’s user bill data and spending patterns.

FI’s/Finastra can customize the solution to build the exact digital experience they desire by using the Finovera REST API or pre-built UI components.

Our Solution conforms to current Customer Experience Expectations for managing and paying bills/payments without replacing the customer existing solution.

For Financial Institutions’ that means:

  • Deepen engagement for active digital banking users
  • Save money on current bill pay spend
  • Earn revenue through interchange, and cross-sell

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