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Finovera Bill Manager


Digital & Retail Banking
Financial Wellness
Mobile Payments
Retail Payments
Digital bill management and payment platform
Digital & Retail Banking
Financial Wellness
Mobile Payments
Retail Payments
Digital bill management and payment platform

Finovera is a digital bill management and payment solution that redefines how digital application users receive, manage, and pay their bills online by bringing simplicity, efficiency, and convenience to members. For financial institutions, this means higher engagement and increased revenue. The Finovera platform delivers eBills including PDF statements from more than 14,000 billers, enabling digital users to pay their bills using credit cards, debit cards, or bank accounts, monitors unusual charges and can recommend other products — including loans and credit cards based on the financial intuition’s user bill data and spending patterns.

Financial Institutions are facing a generational challenge accelerated by the pandemic, resulting in heightened digital engagement with their users. A recent phenomenon is that billers will bill users directly for services and encourage those users to pay via debit or with credit cards, while companies are releasing their own cards and offering points/discounts to participate in interchange fees, confusing the users on bill delivery options and how to manage their card activity. The result is that FIs are losing their position of being the transaction hub for their users to the advantage of Challenger Banks and NeoBanks.

Online bills delivered automatically

Finovera collects a 12-month history of bills and statements, and automatically downloads new ones as they post. When a payment is due, and when the user is ready to pay, Finovera will log them in to the right account automatically, taking the hassle out of paying your bills online.

Manage everything in one place

Finovera Bill Management puts the end user back in control of their bills and their card management. This valuable service is at the heart of Capital One’s strategy (Ranked as the best FI at helping people manage their financial lives by Cornerstone in April 2021)

Increase revenue

By inserting the FI’s cards to pay bills, the FI gains interchange fees. Again, Cornerstone ranked this as the #1 way to quickly increase fee income in April of 2021.

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How it works

The solution is already implemented with several Digital Platforms and Bill Pay Systems. The solution is SaaS based and housed in the cloud. Finovera is already running in hundreds of financial institutions and compliance and vendor due diligence has already been performed. The implementation can often be performed within a few months.

Alerts & reminders

Get an alert when a bill looks unusually high based on historical data, and when your bank account balances are lower than the sum of your outstanding bills. It’s a layer of protection that helps keep your money safe from late fees, fraud and overdrafts.

Finances at-home or on-the-go

Take a quick photo of receipts, bills or a document and instantly upload to your File Cabinet. The Finovera mobile app makes it easy and convenient to view your account balances, bills and documents, no matter where you are. No worries if your phone is lost, your password protected app allows you to remotely delete or disable access to your sensitive information.

Digital file cabinet

The last bill and document management tool you’ll ever need, your Digital File Cabinet is the smart and secure way to get out from under your paper clutter, forever. Upload any important documents you’d like to save, and we’ll help you organize them in your Digital File Cabinet.

Spending analysis

Because Finovera brings everything together in one place, we can provide valuable trends and analysis on your spending and saving habits, whether you want to track spending for the current month or any time in the past, arming you with the information you need to make real changes and save more money.
How it works

How it looks


Link your accounts to Finovera once and securely save the login credentials. Show less

Useful insights

Finovera application provides interesting analytics, like the Credit Score, that helps the user understand its financial health and can be used by the Financial Institution to recommend additional products and make extra profits. Show less

Bills, Payments and Alerts

Any incidents or unusual behavior will be raised to the user’s attention. Show less

Bill History

Always be aware off the next payments to come. Show less
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Link your accounts to Finovera once and securely save the login credentials.


Finovera Bill Manager
Finovera Bill Manager