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FinResolve powered by Jetflow

Contineo and Neterium

Digital & Retail Banking
Compliance Screening
Compliance Monitoring
Real time transactions screening solution built on a next generation AI based technology
Digital & Retail Banking
Compliance Screening
Compliance Monitoring
Real time transactions screening solution built on a next generation AI based technology


Contineo and Neterium team up to offer a performant and efficient screening solution to process financial transactions in real time.

For any entity handling payments or other financial transactions, sanction screening is vital to fulfil their compliance obligations. As customers of financial institutions expect their transactions to be processed and confirmed instantly, it is critical for screening to be frictionless, combining certainty of detection with immediate response.

Detect and block ALL risky or illegal transactions: We screen full transaction content including sender, beneficiary, intermediaries, payment instructions and any other relevant fields. Our case manager displays all the meaningful data points to speed up decisions and ensure that transaction processing SLAs are met

Real time efficiency: In transaction screening, response time is critical. With the growing expectation for payments, transfers and decisions to be immediate, financial institutions must provide a fast and frictionless experience. FinResolve powered by Jetflow is designed to combine certainty and quality of detection with an instant response.

Dynamic configurability: You can use a completely different configuration for every single transaction and instantly adapt to new flows

Full explainability is critical for financial institutions: One of the biggest challenges for compliance officers is to demonstrate to auditors and regulators that they do the things right and their detection process is effective. The solution can produce a detailed report showing exactly how the screening engine analyzed a specific transaction, what decisions it took along the way, and why it led to a potential match or not.

Highly efficient case manager to speed up alert review:

  • A user-friendly dashboard with a number of drill down and search options allowing analysts to quickly identify and prioritize alerts across different work queues
  • The investigations workflow is fully flexible and can be set up to mirror your specific workflow requirements (e.g. mandatory 4 eyes before payment release, escalate all sanctions matches to MLRO etc.)

Flexible content options

  • Select your mix of official sanctions lists from reputable data vendors to exactly fit your control policies
  • List management: Watchlists are always up to date

Private and confidential lists are supported in a highly secure environment.

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