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Fusion Phoenix SMS


Consumer Banking
Customer Service
Delivers outbound text messages, receives inbound responses, updates message status, and provides administrative service


Fusion SMS Fusion SMS helps financial institutions use digitalization to better meet customer’s needs by enabling customer text communications within the Phoenix core banking solution.  Fusion SMS allows your employees to initiate and respond to text communications inside of Phoenix thus improving your communication efficiency and capturing conversation history.  Initiate bank office processing needs (i.e. request documents, verify data) or send them product offers all inside of Phoenix.

Key Features:

  • Increase response rates (customers prefer text over voice)
  • Increase pace of digitalization Increase communication efficiencies (allows for multi-tasking)
  • Log communication content providing historical records of the discussions
  • Allows you to communicate in ways you might not if done via voice (like followup interaction with new account holders asking if they’ve received cards/checks…)
  • Confirm appointments

App information

Required products
Fusion Phoenix
Data processing countries
United States of America