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Fusion Lawyer

Finastra Fusion Lawyer Team

Embrace technology-enabled change
Fusion Lawyer is a robot that helps people with Legal concerns for a variety of cases. First version is for Divorce.
Embrace technology-enabled change
Fusion Lawyer is a robot that helps people with Legal concerns for a variety of cases. First version is for Divorce.


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We need an attorney when times are tough. But for many of us, any legal process means uncertainty, uncontrollable costs, duration and stress.

We want to help people through these hard times.

What if attorneys could use a digital solution to improve the client experience, to reduce uncertainty and to reduce their own back-office costs and reduce client costs?

That solution is Fusion Lawyer. Attorneys using Fusion Lawyer will disrupt the legal business. They will capture large volume of clients with unprecedented customer experience and dramatically reduced costs.

What it does

We want to help lawyers help their clients.

Fusion Lawyer helps automate time consuming and stressful pieces of the legal process.

By automating routine, simple, volume work, lawyers and clients alike save time and money while positively impacting the client experience.

With Finastra's inter-connected universe of Financial Institutions and financial service providers, we can automate the flow of information reducing distracting and costly manual processes.

Fusion Lawyer is a robot that helps people for a variety of cases. We identified and prepared several use cases, such as:

  • estate planning,
  • citizenship application and immigration paperwork,
  • salary gap,
  • business damage caused by Covid,
  • divorce.

Example of a use case: Divorce

Divorce is so important because it impacts billions of people, families and children. Minorities and low-income families are more impacted.

We focused the demo and prototype solution on Divorce. With Fusion Lawyer, the attorneys can:

  • reduce the costs and expenses for the spouses
  • reduce the uncertainty and stress, and reduce negative impact on children
  • apply standard legal guidelines and remove any sort of bias
  • make it easier for people to collect the information they need across financial and non-financial institutions
  • make it easier for people to understand the process, the decision factors, the rationale and to simulate options
  • partner with banks to offer financials services that are necessary in those difficult times


How we built it

We built the Robot on top of Finastra platform, Fusion Fabric Dot Cloud. The platform connects to Banks and other financial services companies such as Title companies.

The Finastra platform facilitates development because data is provided in Open formats, the banks are already connected, and the platform manages consent and security which are so important for personal data.

We use Open APIs to apply standard legal rules that are published by authorities and agencies across countries.

The other important feature of the Robot is the ability to interact with people. The conversation uses natural flow, and the system notes actions on a todo list.

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If you like the idea, please VOTE for us and please SHARE

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