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Fusion Payment Insights


Unlock valuable information to drive Payment business and gain a competitive advantage as a data driven organization


With Fusion Payment Analytics you can gather, analyze and store massive quantities of data and then evaluate this information to derive business intelligence and insights. Payment Analytics empowers the organization to maximize the potential of their payment data and transform their payment business to a value-added service. FI users can make better decisions on how they operate and what can be optimized, and create an impact in the organization by sharing valuable data insights with other LOBs such as Account Managers/CRMs.

Key Features:

  • Integrated payment data, processed, structured and modeled for reporting and analytics.
  • Set of predefined dashboards (Essential package) with BI and reporting data (e.g. payments by type and value)
  • Strong dynamic visualization with drill-down capability to underlying payment and customer data
  • Advanced ML add-on capabilities (Premium package) which analyze past transaction trends with correlation to customer behavior and build predictive models. The supplied ML models cover both forecasting (predicting transaction volumes for operational planning) and segmentation (based on customer behavior such as channel usage, supports sales and marketing strategies). The ML is manifested as additional screen features/data (e.g. customer churn) on the existing dashboards. The model can be tuned/trained/adjusted to specific FI requirements for an additional professional services charge

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Fusion Global Pay Plus
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