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Fusion Retail Analytics


Digital & Retail Banking
Unlocking your data bank value with Fusion Retail Analytics
Digital & Retail Banking
Unlocking your data bank value with Fusion Retail Analytics

Within a few weeks, Fusion Retail Analytics allows users to derive business and financial insights and assess the organization’s performance. It empowers a controlled dissemination of details through sophisticated access controls and allows the leaders to have a consolidated view of their business. 

Digital insights are essential to manage financial performance. They must be granular and from multiple sources to drive business decisions. The increased frequency of custom insights from business users has forced the evolution of a platform where users can derive their own insights and build custom dashboards.

Off the shelf insights

The inability to handle modern data complexity leads executives to take non-data backed decisions. Fusion Retail Analytics offers exhaustive pre-packaged dashboards to assess business and financial performance and generate detailed insights across various dimensions.

Quickly build custom insights

The application provides a semantic data model which allows the end user to create their own reports / dashboards through self-service and overcome the delay that Business Managers experience when retrieving information, which impacts their ability to analyze specific details or trends.

Designed for flexibility & cross source extension

Use a modern data platform that enables flexible deployment, and is capable of ingesting data from multiple data sources to provide a consolidated view, e.g., integrate loan origination details, customer service details, risk details etc.

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How it works

Fusion Retail Analytics is pre-integrated with Finastra’s retail banking systems allowing you to access the trends and historical insights of your customers and accounts along with performance of products and branches. It uses Microsoft Power BI to provide a powerful suite of dashboards and reports. In-memory cubes give high-performance access to large amounts of data.

Off the shelf insights

Use the pre-configured reports and dashboards and the embedded analytics with a role-based access control.

Quickly build custom insights

Helps retrieving actionable insights to improve business performance and deliver more value to the consumers.

Designed for extensibility & flexibility

Supports integration of external data sources through batch or events-based ingestion, providing a secure platform with flexibility to anonymize data before hosting on cloud.
How it works

How it looks

Churn rate

Measures your company's loss in subscribers for a given period of time Show less

Head of Products Dashboard – Deposits & CASA

Evaluate business growth, customer profile as well as other analytics such as financial performance of the overall deposit book or individual product over time, overdraft penalties, profitability, and limits. Show less

Income Statement

Drill down to Profit and Loss analytics. Show less

Balance Sheet

Bank or Branch level balance sheet for a selected date and its comparison over historical period. Show less
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Churn rateHead of Products Dashboard – Deposits & CASAIncome StatementBalance Sheet

Churn rate

Measures your company's loss in subscribers for a given period of time


Fusion Retail Analytics
Fusion Retail Analytics