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Digital & Retail Banking
Identity Verification
Seamlessly verify an individual’s identity and address in real-time across any customer channel.
Digital & Retail Banking
Identity Verification
Seamlessly verify an individual’s identity and address in real-time across any customer channel.

ID-Pal provides real-time identity and address verification across any customer channel with a solution that’s simpler to use, easier to deploy and delivers better results than anything else on the market. It combines digital transformation, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance out-of-the-box, with a cloud-based SaaS solution that can be instantly customized to the unique requirements of any business and deployed same day without any technical effort.

The challenge for most businesses is finding an identity verification solution that delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience for customers with high expectations in terms of speed and convenience of onboarding journey​, but also meets the increasing regulatory requirements and prevents fraud while ensuring data protection.

Digital transformation

ID-Pal provides an intuitive and convenient journey for customers who can securely submit their identity information anytime, anywhere in less than 1 minute. The unique Business Portal provides streamlined workflow for business to review and approve submissions.

Regulatory compliance

ID-Pal provides the best of breed technologies combined with best practice compliance baked into every step of end-to-end solution that is ISO 27001 certified. It meets AML & KYC requirements without the complexity, cost, timelines and risk.

Fraud prevention

Unique blend of biometric, document and database checks enabling multilayered identity and address verification in real-time automatically across the world.

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How it works

ID-Pal is a SaaS solution that consists of a mobile app and business portal. ID-Pal provides Finastra client support to brand, customize and connect their ID-Pal tenant account to their FusionFabric.cloud platform with simplified, non-technical plug-and-play integration.

Setting up the environment

The Business Portal enables the FI to instantly brand and customize their customer’s user experience without any technical effort, and multiple customer profiles can be supported at once.

User onboarding

Through Finastra’s API connection, a unique link is sent to the customer which surfaces the relevant user experience and associated informational requirements.

ID submission and check

The customer is then asked to capture their identity document and perform a liveness test. The submission is then securely sent to the Business Portal where a suite of technical checks verifies the identity and address of the individual in real-time automatically.

Rejected submissions

Customer submissions that do not pass all the technical checks are diverted to a workflow in the Business Portal for human intervention with the FI’s back-office compliance team.

Approved submissions

Once verified, the Business Portal generates and securely stores a Client Due Diligence report including a full audit trail, customer information and associated verification results.

Keeping records

At any stage of the process outlines above, the FI can automatically extract the status, customer information, associated imagery and verification results using Finastra’s API connection.
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Verify an identity

Unique blend of technologies enabling a seamless customer journey Show less

Identity and address verification

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Use CasesVerify an identityIdentity and address verification

Use Cases

5 examples of using ID-Pal