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izDOX AI Platform


Digital & Retail Banking
Cognitive Document Processing
Digital & Retail Banking
Cognitive Document Processing

izDOX AI platform by bizAmica discovers document information for business insights with increased accuracy of 80-98%, productivity above 60% and user experience (30+% error reduction). The solution offers higher accuracy for unstructured, scanned and handwritten documents and is template free, meaning the solution is adaptive to different formats.

Manual document processing in the Banking and Financial Services Industry (customer on-boarding, loan/mortgage, LIBOR, Trade finance etc.) is time consuming, repetitive, error prone and results in rework. Scanned documents / images with variations in the formats (structured/un-structured, handwritten, placed in emails or folders ) are tedious to process which leads to higher processing time and costs.

Higher accuracy

The solution can process structured & unstructured, native & scanned, PDFs, printed & handwritten docs. It minimizes human intervention through AI document automation and uses Machine Learning to improve accuracy further.

Template free solution

The platform is adaptative to variations in the doc formats, such as in Bank Statements, Pay Stubs, Invoices etc.

Automatic integration

Automatic integration with FusionFabric.cloud leads to quicker and cheaper implementation and reduces the risk of project failure.

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How it works

The system can be deployed on Linux, Unix or Windows, and uses database management systems such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc. The integration with the core system is made through REST APIs (json / XML/ csv). Implementation without any customization can be done in a few days / weeks.


The user imports one file or multiple files for bulk processing. The files are processed by the job processing engine.

Classify and extract

izDOX AI platform uses machine learning (ML), neural networks, natural language processing (NLP) technologies and their combinations for handling auto classification of documents auto extraction of meaningful information.

Validate and V-verify

The solution simplifies verification, compliance and process audits, analyzed data is used for quick business decisions.


Integrates downstream with systems like ERP, CRM, Workflow, RPA, Core System.
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