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izDOX AI Platform


Consumer Banking
We discover document information with increased accuracy, productivity and user experience for our global clients.


Cognitive Document Processing using izDOX AI Platform. izDOX AI platform by bizAmica discovers document information for business insights with increased accuracy of 80-98%, productivity above 60% and user experience (30+% error reduction) for our global clients. The solution offers higher accuracy for unstructured, scanned and handwritten documents and is template free, meaning the solution is adaptive to different formats.


izDOX AI Platform is able to process of unstructured & structured, native & scanned and printed & handwritten documents. with document formats we ranging from native PDFs, scanned PDFs to images.


Examples of Document types izDOX AI platform can support are:

  • Printed / Hand-printed: application forms, claim forms, reports, specific fields from unstructured docs

  • Financial: bank Statements, financial statements, tax documents, salary stubs / slips, invoices, POs, delivery notes, cheques

  • KYC: ID proofs, address proofs


Additional product features are:

    a. Field level confidence score for improved user experience.

    b. Automatic table processing

    c. Personal information protection (data privacy) by masking personal data fields.

    d. Data Security: Cloud Agnostic / On-premise deployment

    e. Easy pricing model: Subscription + One time set-up fees

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