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Kasisto Business Banking


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KBB is trained to handle the complexities of business banking, by providing immediate access to important information.


Kasisto's KAI Business Banking solution (KBB) handles the complexities that come with managing business banking activities.

Whether your clients are small business owners or large corporations, KAI helps you service and engage with them in a natural way while offering them contextual services. KAI provides immediate access to information, services and products including: cash positions, wire and ACH status, aggregate holdings, liabilities and more through human-like, intelligent conversations, 24 hours a day.

Key benefits include:

  • Critical and timely information can now flow effortlessly between your business banking platforms and your customers.
  • Our digital experience platform, powered by KAI, ensures your commercial banking customers will experience frictionless account inquiries, reporting and cash management functions.
  • Freeing up your business representatives to focus on building more valued relationships with your corporate clients. 

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