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LenderClose LOS Integration with Fusion LaserPro


Loan Services
Innovative Integration between Fusion LaserPro and LenderClose LOS Platform.


HEx™ is a technology that expedites the home equity lending process, injecting speed and efficiency to enable an exceptional borrower experience. HEx is an extremely fast and intuitive way to process a home equity loan.

Key benefits include:

  • Speed: Spend less time processing and underwriting loan files, order with one click, access all needed information in a single platform, and deliver a clear-to-close in as little as two business days.
  • Efficiency: A simplified home equity process results in reduced training time, less manual data entry, and fewer errors.
  • Borrower Experience: An automated loan processing workflow gives financial institutions the flexibility, speed, and efficiency required to reduce turnaround time, improving the borrower experience.

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Fusion LaserPro
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Business countries
United States of America
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United States of America