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R.D. Levent Ltd.

Consumer Banking
Levent - democratize trading by allowing independent traders to trade like professionals.


Levent provides financial institutions with state of the art SaaS solution, enabling them to offer their customers to safely create personalized investment strategies, easily and without any coding requirements. These are a simple automated “set and go'' trade strategies that are always on, accessible anywhere and anytime.

Traders are asked to set trading conditions and the automated trading tool will execute them when the scenario occurs. The system allows traders to add multiple conditions into their strategies based on technical indicators, protective measures such as trailing stop losses, and P&L.

Key Features:

  • Build investment strategies on the go and keep risk always under control.
  • Leverage the perfect combination of easy access, pre-planned strategies and millisecond execution when offline.
  • Advanced technology developed by professional traders for beginner and experienced traders.
  • White-label with a simple and fast integration.
  • Modular functionality and user interface with multiple languages support.

Levent is applying advanced data science methods and AI on its automatic trading tool, advancing toward an automated multi-strategy and multi-stock trading platform. Since 2018, the system has been continuously tested and at full production as an integrated white-label solution in 5 banks.

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