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LPA Capmatix


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Capmatix Doc & Workflow Tool: Powerful dynamic generation and efficient distribution of sales documents


On a daily basis, financial institutions must create a vast amount of documentation, not only for internal reasons, but also documentation for public and client purposes.

As part of the issuance process for structured retail products or the distribution of OTC derivatives, extensive sales and marketing documents need to be prepared on an ad hoc basis.

LPA Capmatix can accelerate your digitisation journey. Capmatix's powerful modules for specific applications spanning front, middle and back office operations encompassing; data capture and storage, document generation and issuance, regulatory compliance, workflow process automation, investment risk and more can be configured to seamlessly fit into your desired digital infrastructure.

Capmatix key benefit include:

  • Document automation: Being an integral module of our extensive framework, the Capmatix Doc & Workflow Tool allows you to construct documents with logical text blocks to cater for full range of product variations.
  • Sales pitches, term sheets, confirmations, and error-free legal documents in different languages and layouts can be generated at the touch of your fingertips.
  • Limitless document automation & management for all languages, layouts and document types of an issuance.
  • An overall modern, reliable, scalable and flexible solution pre-integrated with Finastra‚Äôs Fusion Summit core.


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