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Nest Egg

Anita Lee, Risa Lederberg, Madison Ramos, Cyril Tsiboulski

Hacking systemic inequalities
A gamified banking app for kids.
Hacking systemic inequalities
A gamified banking app for kids.



Today’s kids have the technical ability and know-how to build virtual worlds in Minecraft and Roblox, deceive friends in Among Us, yet user interfaces for kids to interact and connect with their finances are not easy to find. The majority of guardians rarely involve their kids in financial decisions or discussions. This has led to a generation of young people grasping for financial literacy.

What NEST EGG does.

NEST EGG is a fully functional gamified banking application for kids. NEST EGG uses real money in a kid’s custodial bank/investment account. It pairs real financial decisions made by the kid, approved by the parent. It leverages the fact that having “skin in the game” increases engagement. When the kid reaches a legal age, a real Nest Egg is delivered.

Using inclusive technology to create a platform that grows with the kid developmentally, NEST EGG gives kids access to tools and opportunities necessary to succeed in this life, financial literacy.  

Finastra’s API system streamlines the adoption of apps like NEST EGG onto financial institution platforms (e.g. credit unions, banks and brokerages), who can then offer this value-added product to their customers. 

NEST EGG is a:

  • Win for Parents - Setting up their kids for success
  • Win for Kids - Learning valuable life lessons
  • Win for Banks - Creating the next generation of wealth 


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