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OneSpan - Fusion Multi-Factor Manager


Cash Management
Payment Authentication
Simplifying multi-factor authentication for banks and their customers.
Cash Management
Payment Authentication
Simplifying multi-factor authentication for banks and their customers.


Traditional username and password-based authentications are found to be insufficient – not just at login but also prior to critical transactions. This has only been accelerated by COVID-19 with remote working and increased digitalization and self-service thus the Two Factor authentication has become the new norm in authentication process.

Currently, banks are having to deal individually with vendors to integrate multi-factor authentication into their solutions, and switching multi-factor authentication vendors results in re-development of all integrated applications.

Fusion Multi-Factor Manager is an FusionFabric.cloud based, multi-tenanted multi-factor authentication API service that integrates with multiple providers supporting different authentication standards. It offers consistent API across multiple MFA providers, enabling banks and fintech applications to switch between the providers with minimal to no changes. Fusion MFM has incorporated OneSpan (Hard and Soft Tokens).

About OneSpan: OneSpan offers Hardware Authenticators and also the Mobile Authenticator Studio for the OneSpan Soft Tokens to Quickly deploy strong, mobile multi factor authentication by converting users’ mobile devices into an authentication factor. For customers who do not use smartphones, Hardware Authenticators are easy to use and does not require extensive training.

Key features:

  • Shared service that can be used across all bank applications for multi factor verification
  • APIs available for user synchronization from bank applications and token validation
  • Strategies supported include hardware tokens, soft token scan via Cronto® and Black & White QR codes.
  • Evergreen integration with OneSpan®, as well as core Finastra services such as Fusion Cash Management and Fusion Global PAYplus

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Fusion Cash Management
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