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Open Banking Gateway

Salt Edge

Consumer Banking
Open Banking and PSD2 Compliance
Access thousands of banks globally through one single API and provide secure and fast services to your customers.


Salt Edge has created a solution enabling account information and payment initiation in line with all directive’s local specifications, including PSD2 in Europe, OBIE in the UK, CDR in Australia, soon Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and other global standards. The solution comprises 3 products: Account Information - globally, Payment Initiation within EU, and Data Enrichment.

Account Information

1 API - over 5.000 worldwide bank connections. Get access to end-users’ bank data from all accounts, with all data unified in one standard format. Salt Edge Account Information solution comes with a pre-integrated widget, where end-users can select and securely connect their accounts to your app. The widget can be customised under your branding, making end-users feel comfortable and safe from the first click. 

Payment Initiation

Make payments faster and more secure, by allowing end-users to initiate instant payments and transfers from any account in any EU bank, without leaving your platform. Salt Edge provides access to more than 2.000 banks across Europe through a single seamless connection.

This solution adds a lower-cost payment method to your platform via open banking. Besides being fully PSD2 compliant and secure, Salt Edge guarantees that end-users enjoy a seamless customer-experience This will encourage them to choose your service again and again.

Data Enrichment

A set of value-added services to help you make the best of the collected financial data.

Salt Edge data enrichment services offer meaningful insights to help businesses understand their clients’ financial needs better and deliver innovative products with improved user experience. Decrease your business’ operational costs and increase the client base. The platform includes:

●      Transaction Categorization - Transforms unclear transactions into actionable data

●      Merchant Identification - Detects instantly the merchant for any transaction

●      Financial Insights - Creates a detailed report on customer financial behaviour.


With Salt Edge Open Banking Gateway solution, businesses enjoy plenty of benefits, including:

●      International reach for Account Information and European coverage for Payment Initiation

●      Connection to any type of account, business, personal, and corporate

●      Reliability from employing highest international security standards

●      Full compliance with local regulations like PSD2, the CDR in Australia, GDPR, and others

●      Peace of mind, because Salt Edge handles all matters for you.

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