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Q2 PrecisionLender Integration

Q2 PrecisionLender

Loan Services
Innovative Integration between Fusion LaserPro and Q2 PrecisionLender LOS


Win better deals, build stronger relationships

Our sales and negotiation software empowers commercial bankers with actionable insights and coaching, so they structure and price the best deals for the client and the bank.

Increase profitability via pricing

Andi® is our virtual insights analyst. She gathers data on what’s winning and what’s losing and delivers in-the-moment advice to help craft winning, profitable deals. She provides impactful coaching, in context and at scale.

Andi suggests multiple pricing options to meet both the client’s goals and the bank’s return target. She flips the conversation from just rate and term to other possible structures such as amortization, term, loan to value, non-credit products or collateral.

Compete to win

Stop the race to the bottom by competing on rate and term alone. Andi suggests multiple ways to win versus your competition. She understands your competitive playbook, shows the full impact of the deal, so you can win valuable deals and leave unprofitable deals for the competition.

Know full relationship value

RMs instinctively know that one deal can solidify or jeopardize the client relationship but don’t always have the data needed to drive their deal structure decisions. Banks feed us the relationship information from core system to reflect credits, loans, deposits, and treasury services. PrecisionLender provides data to tell the full story, present options and show the deal’s impact on the relationship if it is won or lost.

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