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Real-Time Anti-Money Laundering (AML) System


Compliance Screening
Fraud Solution
Help banks and FIs automate, streamline, and comply with existing and emerging regulatory AML/CFT compliance programs


With the emergence of Real-time Payment rails across the globe, it is vital for banks to perform AML compliance checks real-time during the payment transaction processing. Regulators pay close attention to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions Compliance. In particular, the risks for financial intermediary corporations who fail to ensure an adequate sanctions screening process are high, in terms of penalties as well as damage to reputation. Financial Institutions and intermediaries must implement solutions that can analyze a large amount of data in real time to monitor financial transactions and be compliant with the most recent regulations.

Clari5 Real-Time AML Compliance solutions provides the following key capabilities:

  • Clari5 provides Real-time Payment Compliance Screening capabilities for transactions on Finastra Fusion Essence, Fusion Equation, Fusion Cash Management and Fusion Global Pay Plus
  • Clari5 Integrates with Compliance Analysis and Compliance Final Analysis API/SPI available on FusionFabric.cloud for performing Real-time AML compliance checks
  • Clari5 provides flexible scenario authoring and rule configuration capabilities to enable Bank/Financial institution specific rules
  • Clari5 provides integrated case management and investigation platform for managing review workflows for any of the compliance hits

Clari5 Real-Time AML compliance suite consists of following capabilities: Sanctions Screening, Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Customer Risk Categorization, Integrated Case Management, Regulatory Reporting Work bench and Comprehensive Management Reporting.

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Fusion Global Pay Plus
Fusion Essence
Fusion Equation
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