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Real time Cross Border Payments

Buckzy Payments Inc.

Retail Payments
Cross Border Transaction
Enabling banks and financial institutions to offer real-time cross border payments to consumers & businesses
Retail Payments
Cross Border Transaction
Enabling banks and financial institutions to offer real-time cross border payments to consumers & businesses

Real time Cross Border Payments empowers financial institutions to create and deliver customized, secure solutions through a unique financial services ecosystem and modern, flexible payments platform. This enables all users to overcome the pain points of transparency, cost, and speed associated with traditional payment schemes. ​

When a consumer or business sends a cross border payment, banks don’t receive complete information about the payment process, how long it will take, or even how much it will cost, because all those parameters depend on the number of intermediary banks involved (especially if some of them are not related to SWIFT).

Today PSD2 and mobile wallets ease the processing of P2P transaction, customers are expecting to see changes in cross-border transfers, real time or near real time (as compared to current ⅔ days cycle with SWIFT​), transparency and competitive, but many banks are unable support real time solutions due to the cost of upgrading their legacy systems or purchasing new payment solutions.

Global real-time payments as a service (RTPaaS) & trusted intermediary

Buckzy is a state-of-the-art next generation payment infrastructure for diverse channels including bank accounts, mobile wallet and cards in 80+ countries (40+ in real time). The robust capabilities enhance security through a single connection.

Improved customer experience

Through this service, the banks customers (consumer & business) gain a state-of-the-art digital experience, enhanced convenience and faster transfer of funds. They get clear and precise information (FX, fees, timing of delivery) before the transaction is booked.

Virtually no operating expense

The application does all the heavy lifting around customer due diligence, sanction screening and AML capabilities. There is no need to sign and maintain contracts with multiple entities, anymore, saving cost & time.

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How it works

Buckzy Payments provides real-time cross border payments as an alternative to SWIFT. Our state-of-the art next generation platform enables B2B/ B2C/ P2P collections and payouts across 80+ markets, out of which 40+ are real time.

Multi-channel modes for collections and payouts

With domestic and international payment connections, banks and mobile wallets, from 80+ countries, Buckzy provides the most extensive set of payment methods including cards, wallets, payment gateways & national schemes.

Robust security

PCI DSS Level 3.2 compliant along with frequent third-party audits and a dedicated internal security team to make sure your data is always safe.

Treasury as a Service

Supporting financial Institutions who have limited currencies or no FX services Real-time foreign exchange rates allow your customers to access live rate quotes before a conversion is made, and provide wholesale foreign exchange rates for bulk deals.

Multi-currency accounts

Allow users to hold multiple currencies in a virtual ledger and access balance information in any currency. Users can fund, convert, and pay out using balances, speeding up the delivery of funds to a beneficiary bank account.

Pricing management

You have the control to manage the FX and pricing margin for your customers.
How it works

How it looks

Main dashboard

The application provides global options for payments and collections. Show less

Multiple payment and transfer types

Use business, P2P and C2C payments along with the bank to bank, bank to wallet, bank to biller transfers 24 x 7. Bulk payments are also available. Show less

Fast, secure, PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) compliant transfers

Deep customer authentication, real-time monitoring, transaction blocking and more combine to secure your experience. Show less

Transaction History

Get a quick overview of the last payments, transfers, and a summary of your wallets. Show less
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Main dashboardMultiple payment and transfer typesFast, secure, PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) compliant transfersTransaction History

Main dashboard

The application provides global options for payments and collections.