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Real-Time Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) System


Fraud Detection
Cash Management
Real-time Enterprise-Wide Fraud Detection, Monitoring and Prevention solution that monitors suspicious patterns


Clari5 Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management system is a real-time Fraud Detection, Monitoring and prevention solution that monitors suspicious patterns across all transactions including various types of payments, accounts, users, beneficiaries, devices, merchants and cards  in real-time and responds with the right action to pass, block, challenge transaction, or generate real-time alerts for manual investigation. Clari5 uses advanced behavior anomaly detection and profiling techniques to identify sophisticated frauds such as payment frauds, account takeover, cross-channel frauds, embezzlement and misuse of authority, surveillance avoidance and other continuously emerging frauds that traditional Post-facto solutions cannot detect and respond in real-time.

Here are the key capabilities of Clari5 solution:

  • Provides Real time fraud monitoring and prevention for all transactions happening on core systems using API/SPI
  • Clari5 provides end to end capabilities required for a bank in managing fraud across channels and products
  • Clari5 provides a rich library of industry relevant scenarios and capabilities to configure scenarios specific to Financial Institutions with comprehensive scenario authoring tool
  • Clari5 provides an integrated intelligent Case Management System with built in workflows for automatic intelligence case routing which enables respective FI’s fraud investigation team to complete manual investigation of all the fraud incidents detected by Clar5
  • Clari5 provides integrated role-based reports and dashboards for investigator and supervisor to monitor performance of the Clari5 solution and fraud investigators, keep watch on open cases and their progress
  • Clari5 provides pre-built integration with FusionFabric.cloud SPI/API for real-time payments fraud detection

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Fusion Global Pay Plus
Fusion Essence
Fusion Equation
Fusion Cash Management
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