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Reis Transaction Screening

Vneuron Risk and Compliance

Payment Analytics
Compliance Screening
Powered by Vneuron Risk and Compliance
Payment Analytics
Compliance Screening
Powered by Vneuron Risk and Compliance



The high volume of transactions in a financial institution increases the risk of money laundering in the case of non-automated processes. The diverse number of transaction sources can further complicate sanctions screening. In addition to that, monitoring the flow of payments becomes more complex as the business expands its customer base and product offering. It is indeed not an easy task to screen and identifies the risk in senders and beneficiaries, as well as other elements of a transaction before it materializes into a financial crime. 

That’s why Reis™ Real-time Transaction Screening succeeded to satisfy renowned financial institutions worldwide as it offers a complete and robust payment screening technology. 

All types of payment screening: Reis™ Transaction Screening has adequate technology to filter domestic, cross-border payments, as well as remittance payments. 

Parties screening: Reis™ Transaction Screening operates immediate name screening of senders and receivers against internal, local and international sanction and watch lists. It also enables the analysis of the amount of transaction, and the receiver’s residency. 

Reduce False Positives: Reis™ Transaction Screening deploys descriptive statistics to reduce transaction monitoring false positives as well as best-in-class name screening technologies for low source languages. Reis™ proved to reduce 80% of false positives compared to legacy systems.

An inclusive set of functionalities: a complete suite of rules at the disposition of users namely sanction rules, embargo rules, internal management rules, and more. 

Case Management, collaboration, and workflows: Reis™ Transaction Screening has integrated case management for an easy and centralized investigation system. Once different members of the team including the compliance manager and the senior manager judge that the activity might be illegal, the platform helps create the suspicious activity report (SAR). It fills in the fields automatically. All the different exchanges between members and alert management happen automatically thanks to a customizable drag and drop platform for workflow creation.

Flexibility and ease of use: our experts developed Reis™ technologies with the user in mind, ensuring End to End configuration with no development required for full dashboard and workflow customizations. 

Best of Breed: Award-winning solution, presenting configurable architectures and frameworks for easy integration to any type of system even legacy ones, and guarantee time and resource optimization

Localization: our unique offering is adapted to local and international regulations depending on the client's specified jurisdiction.

All-in-one solution: Reis™ Transaction Screening is part of a complete AML compliance solution for all kinds of financial institutions. The complete suite includes also: 

·       Reis™ KYC: for full customer onboarding sanction screening, and Risk-based approach

·       Reis™ AML: Transaction Monitoring for suspicious and unusual behavior detection based on intelligent segmentation and artificial intelligence

·       Reis™ GTC: Full FATCA law compliance including the identification of US customers and IRS reporting generation

Reis™ Transaction Screening is trusted by renowned financial institutions in Europe, Africa, and the Middle east. Its engines screen billions worth of assets annually. It also puts our clients' minds at rest, thanks to its real-time filtering technologies ensuring the before-the-act intervention. We guarantee pain-free AML compliance to all kinds of financial institutions regardless of their size and need.

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