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Financial Wellness
RoboSave makes smart saving simple with a single push of a button.


RoboSave is an automated savings tool that calculates how much money a user can save every few days without changing their spending habits, and saves that amount automatically. 

The banker’s dashboard tracks user analytics and allows for personalized product offers to be set up using specific conditions from user-created goals. Once triggered, these product offers display automatically in the user’s interface. 


Key features:

  • No sign-up process 
  • User-created goals
  •  Detects changes in user’s financial situation and automatically updates saving goals
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Separate, banker-friendly dashboard
  • Automate personalized offers to account holders

App information

Required products
Fusion Digital Banking
Privacy policy
Business countries
United States of America
Data processing countries
United States of America