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Trade and Supply Chain Finance
Digitize and manage negotiable instruments and documents of title without the need for a central registry.


Begin your journey in digitizing and managing your negotiable instruments or documents of title, without the need for a central registry or document repository. Enigio trace:original uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create an authoritative digital original document with distinct ownership rights.

As the commercial world speeds towards digitalization in a wide range of processes, physical paper documents are a serious source of cost, risk and time inefficiency. The process of creating and managing documentation can be reduced from weeks to minutes by going digital. Enigio trace:original uniquely identifiable document can be distinguished from its copies and has a digitally verifiable owner. With a similar look and feel to a PDF document, it is easy to handle, and also easy to transfer across different digital systems. Documents are freely verifiable, immutable and have a secure audit trail provided by a digital public notary service.

Key Features
·       Creation and management of digital original documents
·       The document is controlled and stored by the current holder
·       Machine-readable and accessible for compliance scans and verification
·       The solution is designed to comply with legal requirements for original documents in all cases where digital documents and digital signatures are permissible.
·       Integration with Finastra’s Fusion Trade Innovation through the FusionFabric.cloud platform delivers straight-through processing and efficiency

Together with Finastra’s Fusion Trade Innovation, Enigio trace:original provides an integrated solution for managing and handling digital original documents, making paperless trade finance a reality.

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Fusion Trade Innovation
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United Kingdom of Great Britain