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Digital & Retail Banking
Financial Wellness
Customer Service
Empower SMB customers with data-driven embedded finance tools
Digital & Retail Banking
Financial Wellness
Customer Service
Empower SMB customers with data-driven embedded finance tools

upSWOT technology serves dozens of banks and financial institutions, helping build loyalty and grow engagement among their small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients using embedded finance and business management tools as a part of their value proposition. It's a white-label embedded business management platform designed to enhance online/mobile banking, features are powered by 200+ API-enabled apps. Business customers connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, and 200+ other business-critical SaaS applications.

Data is cleaned, structured, and transformed into actionable insights, accurate cash flow forecasts, KPIs, cash management tools, treasury management tools, benchmarking business evaluations, and many other prompts that help SMBs better understand the health of their businesses, make better decisions and scale their businesses faster.

upSWOT provides actionable SMB insights and data analytics to financial institution clients and their business customers. SMBs are provided with predictive insights, cash flow forecasts, business valuation tools, and personalized advice powered by their everyday SaaS application data. This creates new areas of value, efficiency & time savings for business users, while increasing digital banking engagement with the FI. Ultimately this leads to greater customer relationship value.

Embedded finance tools for SMB clients

Small, underserved businesses finally get access to the latest fintech technologies within their digital banking. With a powerful suite of tools specially designed to fill their financial needs: improved credit scores, tailored insights, greater cash flow management, increased access to funding and understanding of their business valuation.

Actionable insights and automation for bankers

Actionable insights and aggregated data help banks increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, as well as simplify underwriting and renewals, while building more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships with their SMB clients.

Versatile solution that takes 2 days to launch

3 lines of code and just a week to launch a fully versatile embedded finance and business management solution. Customers decide whether they want to use web components, RestFull API, or iFrame dashboards. It can be deployed in SaaS, private or public cloud environments.

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How it works

The platform provides a white-labeled service connected to the online or mobile banking application, available as SaaS or deployed into private or public cloud environments. It can be seamlessly embedded as a white-labeled finance solution by just adding THREE lines of code. Business customers can connect any business app (200+ API-enabled apps) right within their interface with a few easy clicks. The system automatically grabs the raw data from connected apps (via API) and turns it into structured widgets displayed on the user's dashboard: cash management tool, treasury management tool, insights, KPIs, cash flow forecasts, business valuation tool, eCommerce&Sales, data visualization. All our data sources are migrated in JSON format from API services from various systems. For this process, users accept the Privacy policy and Terms of Use and thus agree to share data. All the data is transmitted ONLY after the data owner's permission.

Credit Score Boost

The data is shared (with permission) with credit bureaus, which may increase the company’s business credit score as a result. The business credit score never decreases due to information shared by the business through the dashboard.

Actionable Insights

The combined data is analyzed to understand current issues facing the business, and how to resolve them. These are highly tailored insights generated in real-time, to give the business a live playbook as to their next steps towards greater profitability.

Cash Flow Forecasts

How much cash can the business expect to generate, and how much will be leftover after expenses? How do different financial, human resources, and operational decisions affect future cash flows? SMBs get visual answers to these critical questions.

Cash Management

Businesses have access to all their banking accounts (including accounts in different banks) as well as drill-down into transactions. This tool also aggregates all of the business’s invoices, bills, subscriptions in one place, and provides notification of the upcoming amounts due.

Business Valuation

A valuation and estimate of market value, as well as the numbers and metrics that affect it, can help in making critical decisions and in key negotiations. Results can also be compared with those of public companies.

Data Visualization

upSWOT grabs the raw data from the SMB’s business apps, cleans, structures, and transforms into interactive widgets - graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, etc.
How it works

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White-label, embedded finance and business management tools for online/mobile banking. Show less

Standalone Solution

Make all our features available to you customers without any heavy lifting. It doesn’t demand any integration and takes only TWO days to launch Show less

Call center/Relationship manager view

Actionable insights designed to power sales efficiency. via upSWOT APIs, insights can be made available in Salesforce, MS Dynamics or any other bank app. Show less

Underwriter view

upSWOT automatically monitors AR/AP, P&L, Balance Sheet and tax returns. Renewal process is simplified. And your customers’ latest financial data is available at your fingertips. Show less
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White-label, embedded finance and business management tools for online/mobile banking.