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Financial Wellness
Increase revenue from business customers by consolidating their business data and providing actionable insights


upSWOT technology serves dozens of financial institutions helping them to build loyalty and grow engagement among their SMB clients.

The platform is a white-labeled portal (available as SaaS or deployed into Bank’s secured cloud) connected with the online/mobile banking application. Using an approach similar to Plaid, business customers connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify and 120+ other business critical SaaS applications.

Data is aggregated in real-time and thousands of signals are analyzed to help SMBs better understand the health of their businesses via insight-based interactive dashboards, accurate cashflow forecasts and simple to use budgeting.

On the back-end, upSWOT transforms the data to help the Banks sell better. The marketing automation module is designed to send the right sales offers at the right time to the right customer.

upSWOT surfaces meaningful data for relationship managers to upsell the right products and services while building more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships.

  • Number of apps available: 120+
  • Customers retention growth: 89%
  • Churn rate reduction: 27%
  • Cross and up-sell growth: 18%
  • Customers adoption rate: 21%

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