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Approve loans faster completely online


A few lines of code can help your customers and prospects avoid long lines and tedious paperwork. Approve loans faster by connecting to all their business apps and seamlessly ingesting relevant data in seconds.

  • Effortless Engagement - Business customers can apply for any product of the bank completely online by just choosing the product they need from the bank and following the instructions
  • Paperless Onboarding - With our authentication and authorization process, banks can offer businesses a more confident and seamless experience that eliminates the time and friction of manual data sharing. Business users share their data by simply logging in and connecting their apps.
  • Gamification - By connecting valuable data to online banking, businesses can get faster access to loans, higher commercial credit card limits, better cashback, or even benefits from other companies which, in turn, motivates them to connect as many apps as possible. All the incentives are completely optional and fully customizable.
  • Insights - Data from connected apps is presented back to the business customer to show insights and cashflow forecasts transforming a commodity loan application process into a highly personalized banking experience
  • Declined Applicants - Deliver value for even those applicants who aren’t yet ready for a loan. Rather than leaving them with an abrupt “NO”, offer a clear roadmap of actions they can take to improve their business metrics to get to a “YES” later. This simple, yet powerful, step helps our clients reduce churn rates by up to 37%

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