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Anila Suresh, Anila Nair, Rinku Thomas and Geethu Ganesh

Hacking through COVID
Financial Services Platform for promoting safety and integrity in solopreneurs businesses during the post COVID era.


During this pandemic, quarantines and lockdowns have become ubiquitous. Recently, a new variant of coronavirus has been found which is growing faster in some parts of UK which led to a National lockdown again where everyone must stay at home and you must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. Now if you are struggling to find handyman services in this situation, it is when our solution 'V-Serve' becomes more relevant to search for such trusted services in this virtual era. Also, during this pandemic we have also seen situations where most of the daily wage workers have lost their jobs, a huge number of NRI and NRK have returned back to the country. All of them are in need of jobs. How do they find jobs sitting at home? And if they find something online how do they trust them. So, in a virtual era, how to we ensure the credibility of these services.

V-serve embraces a concept of having Verified Services by non-competent governmental agencies like Banks, Mobile Service Providers and so on as a precautionary measure against frauds. V-Serve provides authentic services in collaboration with the FFDC banks and credit unions, where the verification process will be done with Unique Identification (UID), SSN consuming the Finastra FFDC Customer Onboarding API. Here all the services and payments will be routed through FFDC customer banks and credit unions. Only customers with legible bank accounts can request for verification to provide services which makes the services more reliable and safer for the consumers. While enrolling, they will be asked to provide their details like address, skillset, expected pay and upload their picture as well as their Covid Test report and details. The app will have a feedback and rating system available within the platform. This ensures that the platform will list you the top-rated and covid tested-negative service providers. Verified owners can also post job opportunities through the portal. So, if they need to post a job, in they need to get themselves verified first. 

Moreover even after pandemic, anybody can still avail this no contact service platform. This will be much helpful for the ailing community which will create a high social impact in every local community. 

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