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Virtual Call Center Agent (VCCA)


Digital & Retail Banking
Customer Service
Increase customer satisfaction and drive call center efficiencies, by deploying an AI based Virtual Call Center Agent.
Digital & Retail Banking
Customer Service
Increase customer satisfaction and drive call center efficiencies, by deploying an AI based Virtual Call Center Agent.

Increase customer satisfaction and drive call center efficiencies by deploying an AI-based Virtual Call Center Agent that answers questions automatically 24/7, seamlessly integrates with Finastra’s cores and can be trained in days, not weeks.

Virtual Call Center Agent (VCCA) is an AI-based virtual agent that answers questions automatically, 24/7 and is integrated with Finastra’s core product Fusion Digital Banking. It increases customer satisfaction, drives call center efficiencies, and can be deployed in days.

noHold trains the VCCA to answer your top call drivers based on content you already have available. Following this, noHold provides a phone number which is already connected to the VCCA. You are now ready to start rerouting calls to the VCCA.

Key Features:

  • Pre-integrated with Finastra

  • 24/7 availability

  • Quick implementation

  • Increase sales & boost your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Reduce support cost

  • Retain customers

  • VCCA can operate via web, social media and smart speakers

The Virtual Call Center Agent is currently live in 300 banks and credit unions, and manages millions of calls each year.

Increase Customer Satisfaction while reducing support costs

Virtual Assistants increase customer satisfaction by increasing First Contact Resolution (FCR) Reduce support costs by automating the redundant and repetitive questions on the customers’ terms Allows customers to perform tasks automatically that are related to their own specific needs

Drive employee and call center efficiency

Reduce training and ramp up time for agents Provide a “Single point of Search” to get quick answers Reduce hold times by automating the most Frequently Asked Questions

Immediate answers without human intervention

Meet customers at their preferred channel with up-to-date, consistent and compliant information “Speak” your customers language with multilingual capabilities Scale your business by responding to customer queries during peak times, during new product & service launches without significantly increasing head count

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Fusion Digital Banking
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How it works

VCCA can answer calls automatically through AI, specifically the powerful combination of a Natural Language Processor (NLP) and Inference Engine (IE). VCCA is capable of multi-turn conversations in multiple languages and can be trained by simply ingesting a document that contains the answers to the top call drivers. VCCA can answer direct questions, but it can also ask confirming/clarifying questions, handle interruptions, changes of subject and retain context. VCCA can extract automatically from users queries, intents, named entities and operators, so that it can respond to phrases like “Transfer $100 from my savings to my checking on Monday”.

Integration with Finastra

VCCA is integrated with the following Finastra’ Fusion Fabric APIs so that it can provide a personalized experienced based on the user: Account Information (US) B2C v. 1.0, Consumer Profile (US) B2C v. 1.0, External Transfer (US) B2C v. 1.0, Internal

Multilingual capabilities

English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean and all European languages

Deployment options

Voice, Web, Social Media and Smart Speakers
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