AIO - Verified Financial Identity

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AIO is driving trust between businesses, enabling customers to establish and own their verified financial identity, and to share it securely with financial institutions.

Customer screening and onboarding processes employed by financial institutions are no longer fit for purpose. Relying on traditional, labor-intensive practices to establish a customers’ financial identity, often through unverified printed documents is time consuming and prone to fraud.



* Fast & Easy Customer Onboarding
* Multichannel Experience: Mobile App and Web
* Self-Sovereign Identity
* Automated Document Verification
* Patented Technology
* Privacy by Design & Data Protection
* Tamper-proof Fraud Prevention
* Cross-Entity Data Transfer 
* 2-Week Deployment

AIO speeds up customer onboarding by up to 80%. The SaaS platform saves costs by securely automating the collection and verification of digital financial documents. Accessible via web and mobile app, the easy-to-use platform enables financial institutions and customers to quickly establish trusted financial identities, meet KYC/KYB requirements, and assess risk in just a few clicks. Automatic verification prevents fraud and document tampering.

AIO Vault - Using patented technology, AIO's secure and reusable vault collects digital documents directly from trusted data providers worldwide. By automatically validating document authenticity without the need for any integration, the effortless digital experience increases customer satisfaction, whilst protecting customers' data privacy and minimizing fraud.

AIO Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Platform - The AIO SaaS dashboard enables financial institutions to define document checklists, obtain private data from customers, cross check it with public sources and streamline customer onboarding.

This application utilizes the APIs listed below: