Fincluziv is a white-label SaaS for banks and credit unions that fully automates earned wage access and small dollar loans to employees of select employers.

Through APIs, we connect with employers’ HR and payroll software and with banks’ payment systems to fully automate:

(1) Employees' onboarding, employment verification & direct deposit sign-up

(2) Mobile access by employees to on-demand pay & small dollar loans

(3) Underwriting & payments related to earned wage access & small dollar loans

(4) All repayments through payroll deductions

It is an innovative solution for banks and credit unions to acquire new clients and stable salary deposits, and generate additional revenues at limited costs and risks.

All participants benefit from the solution:

  • Employees get access to funding online in one click at socially responsible conditions.
  • Employers can promote the financial health & financial inclusion of their employees.
  • Financial institutions can offer an innovative solution to select employers, attract new clients with automated salary deposit flows, and generate additional revenues.

Fincluziv is part of the BECU Fintech Incubator at the University of Washington CoMotion Labs in Seattle.