Fusion CreditQuest Lender Insights

Author: Finastra

Commercial Lending

Fusion CreditQuest Lender Insights helps bridge the gap between lending teams and the back office.  With mobile accessibility, lenders will spend less time behind their desk and more time with borrowers. 

With the power of Microsoft Dynamics, lenders can quickly view the borrower’s relationship detail, risk rating and needed documents to keep their files up to date.  By utilizing insightful spread details and the ability to submit an application through a phone or tablet, lenders are equipped to act quickly on opportunities.     

Key Benefits:

  • Improve the borrower experience
  • User friendly mobile access
  • Enable portfolio growth
  • Make informed risk decisions
  • Eliminate duplicative data entry
  • Streamline internal communications

This application utilizes the FusionFabric.cloud APIs listed below:

Some private apis are also used by this app.