Fusion Mortgagebot LOS Data Insights

Author: Finastra

Mortgage Lending

Fusion Mortgagebot Data Insights brings your mortgage borrower data and office efficiency metrics alongside more than 1,400 Fusion Mortgagebot users. Quickly spot opportunities to attract applicants, increase conversions and speed closing times, all while making your operation more efficient.


Improve Efficiency

Benefit from sales and operational teams that pursue aligned and informed outcomes.

With Fusion MortgagebotLOS Data Insights, operational processes are measured and

compared to industry standards. Spend less time putting out fires and focus on efficiency improvements, improved margins and faster close rates.

• Loan conversion data

• Loans closed by branch

• Loans created by Loan Officer

• Average number of days to close

• Median days per status

• Metrics to manage upcoming closings

• Interest rate insights and trends

• Investor and product data