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Predictive Engagement Platform

KapitalWise Inc.

Financial Wellness
Powering banks and credit unions to increase revenues through improved customer engagement.


The SaaS-based Platform from KapitalWise helps financial institutions drive customer engagement by using AI to predict trends, changes, and events so you can always offer your clients the right solution at the right time. Easy to use with affordable pricing tailored for financial institutions of any size.


Key features:

  • Create smart 360-degree customer profiles by combining and analysing first- and third-party data
  • Use AI to detect and predict over 60 personal, financial, and credit events that drive 1 to 1 customer engagement 
  • Offer tailored customer recommendations with more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Build automated and personalized marketing campaigns with pre-designed templates
  • Executive dashboard to track consumer engagement, ROI, and economic value

App information

Required products
Fusion Digital Banking
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Business countries
Canada, United States of America
Data processing countries
United States of America