Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform

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Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform

Zero Trust Security for the Digital First Business

Uniken is at the forefront of creating a security paradigm that takes advantage of the rapid growth of mobile engagement, by positioning the businesses own mobile app at the center of a zero-trust approach that enables organizations to adapt to the current digital first world. The idea is simple: use the technical capabilities of the mobile platform to create a layered security architecture that is resilient against the evolving threat landscape, leverage the ease-of-use of mobile apps to create a frictionless, customer friendly security experience, and then extend the benefits of this zero-trust security approach to all customer channels. The objective: Secure, Authenticate, Transact.


Businesses today face a variety of threat vectors that impact trust in the connection between the business and their customer, and are at the root of most breaches and fraud. These threat vectors can be broadly categorized as device, identity and network threats.

The REL-ID platform unifies endpoint threat detection, identity verification, strong authentication, and channel security solutions into one, tightly integrated and comprehensive security platform. This Zero-Trust Approach to Security addresses all the threat categories, enabling the business to Trust the Device, Trust the User, Secure the Connection, and Secure the Data.


Authentication is at the heart of establishing trust in the user. Modern security and regulatory requirements mandate that businesses use at least two-factor authentication to authenticate customers, but that is no longer enough. The REL-ID platform provides enterprises a much better and stronger model for authentication that is invisible to the customer experience, behaves consistently across all customer-facing channels, adapts to the needs and capabilities of the consumer, and enables mutual and simultaneous authentication between the customer and the enterprise.


The REL-ID platform automatically creates a secure channel that protects all transactions done within the mobile app. Additionally, the first-of-its-kind REL- ID Verify service enables businesses to securely send transaction notifications, and obtain verification of those transactions from the customer in a highly secure, regulatory compliant manner that has full non-repudiation built in through the combined use of strong authentication, digital signatures, data- in-transit encryption, and geo-tagging - enabling businesses to thrive in a digital first world.