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Buckzy Payments Inc


Life happens globally and in real time. Historically, sending and receiving money around the world has been characterized with uncertainty in foreign exchange rates and high fees as well as latency.

The Buckzy Payments Inc. ecosystem brings transparency and real time certainty to global money movement. Buckzy has been able to fundamentally transform the global movement of money with its international real time payments ecosystem.

This ecosystem is customer centric, enabling real time money movement between bank accounts, 24 x 7, 365 days/years. Our superiority to competitors in the industry is due to our ability to provide users with real-time instant money transfers within 3 minutes, transparency on money movement end to end, a secure and optimal customer experience.

We partner with banks, networks and financial service institutions across the globe to enable secure, compliant, real time international money movement through online banking or mobile banking, from your bank account or virtual wallet to anywhere in the world.  

Our vision : to fundamentally transform the global money movement experience through the creation of a real-time payments ecosystem.  

Our mission: to enable customers to send money globally in real time through a safe, secure and convenient payments ecosystem.

Toronto, Ontario

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Real time Cross Border Payments
Real time Cross Border Payments
Fusion Global PAYplus
Enabling banks and financial institutions to offer real-time cross border payments to consumers & businesses