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DataVerify is one of the most effective single-source platforms for data verification, fraud prevention, and compliance assistance.

Highly configurable and easy to use, the DataVerify platform helps pinpoint data integrity and misrepresentation issues within a loan file. Chose a vendor you can trust to deliver authorized and dynamic reports — in a fully automated, integrated process.

DataVerify harnesses advanced analytics and technology to create automated and flexible solutions that enable lenders to make precise and consistent mission-critical decisions.

Our technology empowers lenders with risk assessment tools designed to identify and measure hidden risks, such as data integrity errors and misrepresentations, identity theft, property fraud, and application fraud. These tools help lenders make better informed lending and underwriting decisions, giving lenders a distinct competitive advantage in a risk-based pricing environment.

The DRIVE® decision engine uses open standards technology to incorporate the highest quality rules-based fraud software directly into existing systems and workflow. The flexible DRIVE® platform allows for customized fraud prevention rules to meet changing market requirements. Make Better Lending Decisions – Faster. As an Authorized Report Supplier for Day 1 Certainty™ from Fannie Mae, DataVerify® provides complete verification services — including 4506 tax transcripts — through the Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service. Getting your borrower’s employment, income, and tax information is critical to your lending process; but you need more than a “stare and compare” flat report to verify your applicant and ensure that your loans are solid.

Chesterfield, Missouri

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DataVerify Services
DataVerify Services
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