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Developed for corporate bank cross-product advisory and client coverage, enabling up selling tailored loan, interest rate and currency hedging solutions to corporate clients with existing primary product.

Gathering and enhancing product data from bank and client sources into platform, enabling total exposure visibility across corporate clients banking relationships, never missing opportunties to improve clients risk profile when markets or clients preferences change. Perfect digital representation of deals makes it easy for the client to understand new product opportunities, risks and to analyse the performance. Anywhere on any device!

Key features:

  • Gather, store and aggregate product data from bank and client sources 
  • Intelligence enabled product up sell opportunities
  • Curated product advisory via web, mobile devices or just provide access to anytime immersive demo
  • Never start from zero again or miss up sell opportunities when markets change
  • Street tested API's for up and down stream integrations, as well as for new digital ventures
  • Access points are cloud, enterprise mobility and REST API emformX enables corporate banks to reach their top-line goals by supporting tailored product sales through the cloud technology.

Our mission is to significantly increase the productivity of knowledge in corporate banking for both bankers and their clients. We built this user friendly platform for the banker to individually achieve revenue targets and together with their clients the most effective and efficient product solution at hand.

Each corporate client has his unique business and risk profile. We enable those clients to better understand their individual risk profile, thereby empowering him to make qualified and transparent decision, analysed jointly within their senior management team.

Frankfurt, Hessen

Applications (1)

Risk Advisory Platform
Risk Advisory Platform
emformX platform changes how corporate banks win and retain higher value business through digital advisory and data