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Finovera offers a Digital Bill Aggregation and Payment Platform for Banks and Credit Unions.

Finovera is helping FI’s redefine how their digital customers receive, manage and pay bills in the new digital, mobile-first era. The technology supports both summary and PDF eBills from 14,000+ billers, integrates with many bill pay platforms and provides a full UX or an API solution that can be customized for any Financial Institution. The platform offers a digital vault and acts like a Safe Deposit box for documents - archiving statements, bills and important family documents for safe keeping.

Financial Institutions benefit by attracting digital natives, lowering bill pay costs and earning interchange revenue. Your customers or members benefit from simplicity, efficiency and convenience in managing their bills and finances.

Milpitas, California

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Finovera Bill Manager
Finovera Bill Manager
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Digital bill management and payment platform