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Floatbot, Inc


Floatbot is SaaS based Conversational AI platform that helps Fintechs and Enterprises automate Customer support, increase Customer Experience and Digital on-boarding through AI powered Chatbots and Voicebots.

Its DIY “No Code” platform that allows building hybrid bots using advance Workflow builder and Conversational AI tools.

Floatbot is recipient of Emerge50 award at NPC [Nasscom Product Conclave] across 10 categories.

Floatbot is top 5 in SaaS category! IDC showcases Floatbot as Innovator for Banking and Financial Services in India [11th December 2019].

Bots developed in Floatbot can be launched in Web portal, mobile apps (iOS and Android), Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, Whatsapp. Floatbot also supports Speech to Text and Text to Speech for Voicebots.

Floatbot is integrated with Contact Center for Voicebot. Floatbot is hybrid platform, one of the very few globally, that allows development of Omni-channel Chatbot and Voicebot within hours, where-in a Fintech or Bank can develop several bots that will engage or converse with customer across Chat and Voice channels, at different phases of their journey [Customer Support, Lead validation, KYC verification, Redeem Loyalty points, Payment reminders, Feedback loop, Cross-sell/Up-sell Products, etc]. Floatbot allows users to seamlessly switch between voice and chat channel and still maintain past sessions and context.

Palo Alto, California

Applications (2)

Finbot for Consumer Banking
Finbot for Consumer Banking
Fusion Equation
Fusion Essence
Finbot is Conversational AI Chatbot and Voicebot for Omni-Channel Consumer Banking
Finbot for Corporate Banking
Finbot for Corporate Banking
Fusion Corporate Channels
Finbot is Conversational AI Chatbot and Voicebot for Omni-Channel Corporate Banking