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Working together with our partners and clients, Geezeo’s platform delivers enriched digital banking experiences. By processing, storing and augmenting billions of transactions, Geezeo plays a significant role as a critical data partner. Financial institutions benefit from Geezeo’s proven insights that enhance the overall customer experience. More than 500 financial institutions leverage the Geezeo platform.

Our ability to integrate within a financial institution's online and mobile banking environment is widely acclaimed, as we can integrate seamlessly, always allowing the host FI the ability to own their PFM brand.

Geezeo’s primary focus is to provide technology solutions that enable our clients and their partners to activate and engage target audiences with enriched data. This translates to a richer experience and the financial institution getting actionable data.

The worlds of finance, marketing, and technology continuing to meld, thus creating numerous exciting opportunities for financial organizations. Geezeo sits comfortably at the intersection of these opportunities, by providing digital banking experience, creativity, marketing and technological expertise.

Braintree, MA

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Fusion Digital Banking
Geezeo offers a proven platform to deliver the best digital banking experience