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GOLDPoint Systems offers an Omnichannel Lending Software for the growing consumer, retail, and specialized lending market. For more than a decade, GOLDPoint Systems has been at the forefront of the Loan Management Software industry by creating modern loan origination, loan servicing, accounting, and lending CRM products.

Their products allow lending institutions of all types to grow and increase revenue. Ultimately, GOLDPoint makes their clients more money. On average, within the first year of conversion to GOLDPoint software, clients increase their loan portfolio by 19.25%. Post-conversion, clients have increased their open accounts by an average of 247%.

Provo, Utah

Applications (1)

GoldPoint Loan Servicing Integration
GoldPoint Loan Servicing Integration
Fusion LaserPro
Innovative integration to Fusion LaserPro from GoldPoint Loan Servicing platform