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We are an industry-leading financial services software firm, established in 1999. We are headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas with locations in Des Plaines, Illinois and Denver, Colorado. We develop and host a suite of software solutions that allow community bankers the ability to provide a complete menu of innovative banking services to your customers anytime, anywhere.

IBT Apps’s premier application, i2Suite (named for intelligence – integrated) is installed in more than 300 individual financial institutions across the United States. i2Suite has proven to be scalable and affordable, exemplifying the next generation of image and data management solutions for the financial industry.

Our commitment to the needs of our customer has solidified us as a premier financial solutions partner. The i2Suite application has revolutionized the banking industry with its one-of-a-kind software, service and superior technology that levels the playing field with national competition. The affordability of i2Suite not only allows community financial institutions to provide competitive products and services, but also enables them to use processes that national institutions typically are not able to deploy due to compliance, cost and scalability. The ability of our clients to surpass the capabilities of Tier 1 competition has made IBT Apps® the ‘go to’ provider of banking software.

Cedar Park, Texas

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Integrated Lending Technologies Integration
Integrated Lending Technologies Integration
Fusion LaserPro
Integrated Lending Technologies Allegro LOS Integration with Fusion LaserPro